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35 years ago, M&N opened its doors to the community. After a few months we were the largest auto leasing company in NYC! Now after 35 years, its clear we haven't missed a step. We continue to be the top auto leasing brokerage in NY as well as dozens of cities around the country! It all comes down to understanding your customer. Knowing what makes life more difficult, and making the corrections. Nobody likes going to the dealerships. Nobody likes being harassed by dealers giving you the run around only to stick it to you when it comes time to sign paperwork. Things are never as they seem. That’s why we started the movement. By being the middle man between you and the dealership, we cut out your need to waste your time going back and forth between dealership searching for a car that you love and fits your budget. Over the past 35 years, we have developed long lasting relationships with hundreds of dealerships around the country. The volume of cars we lease annually, allow us to be given rebates and discounts never before available to the regular consumer. At the end of the day its about keeping things simple and cheap. By leasing with M&N Auto Group, nothing is out of reach. You get the car you want, for the price you can afford, delivered to your driveway free of charge!



With over 35 years in the business, we have grown a community here. Our clientele is our family. We know what it's like to have to call tons of dealers and dealerships to find the best deal on a new auto lease. We know the nonsense and problems that come with the process of leasing a new car. ITS NOT FUN!! We give customers the seamless and easy, no nonsense experience we would want when looking for a new car. You never have to call another dealership ever again.You never have to fight tooth and nail to get a discount from a dealer only to be disappointed in the end. You never have to fear that the fees or charges will change at the last second.  We are the company that does all the work for you.  Using our network of hundreds of dealerships around the country, we are able to offer discounts and rebates that were NEVER available for regular customers. It is because of this, we GUARANTEE the lowest price on ANY make or model. There is something special about hearing from our customers that the dealerships were not even close to being able to match our prices. So we love what we do, we love that we are able to help, and we love being able to fix a problem that has been around since before most of us were even born!

Who Is M&N Auto Group?

MNAUTOLEASING.COM is the modern way of leasing a new vehicle cheap and without hassle ONLINE.  You will never have to go into another dealership again.  Never have to deal with lying salesman that only want to hit their quota even if it means lying to the customer to close the deal. M&N Auto Group brings the dealership to your computer or phone.  From your seat you are presented with the best and lowest pricing on ANY make or model.  Flexible lease terms, flexible mileage options, and cars that fit ANY budget!

 Our Mission

The MISSION is to give our clients the easiest and headache-free leasing experience. We teach our customers the ins and outs of the business that normally were kept a secret to benefit the dealerships. We expose the info that will take you from being the victim to being the hunter.  You control the terms, you set your price, you control the whole situation.  And when you've found the car you want for the price that fits your budget, you order it to your door!


Help When You Need It

M&N Auto Group offers a valet way of servicing all of our customer’s needs. Delivering your new car directly to your door isn’t the only convenient service we can offer. God forbid there is ever any damage to your car, just call one of our team members! We will have a rental car delivered to you, and have your damaged car picked up and brought to our repair center. Once the car is repaired, we will deliver it back and pick up our rental. Dial 718-676-0605 and connect with one of our trusted team members. Our team know about the vehicles we lease, and can answer any question and even make recommendations for you.