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Leny S

Leny is a new Brooklyn resident and has been in the car industry for over 20 years! He stresses only 1 thing! Customer Satisfaction. He goes above and beyond on each and every deal to make sure the customer has the best experience leasing a new car they've ever had. From pricing out every make & model and explaining every single option (even the standard ones) to delivering the car at 11:00 PM just because that is the only time the customer is free, Leny takes it upon himself to make sure you never go anywhere else to lease a new car!

Alex V

Alex has been leasing cars for over 20 years! He has one of the largest network of dealerships which gives his customers the largest selection of colors and packages on any make & model. . Those lucky enough to deal directly with Alex consistently give him amazing reviews. He always goes above and beyond to make sure every customer leaves with a smile. Cars are Alex's passion, and while he spends his free time with his family and friends, he still finds time to read and review car magazines to keep up with the latest new car and truck trends.

Ilya R

True believer in honesty and integrity Ilya takes customer service very seriously. Ilya began his career in the automotive industry 15 years ago! Ilya's love and commitment to customers led him to becoming one of the top auto lease brokers in the business. Ilya is the first person in the office and the last one out. He goes beyond any expectations and always delivers even if it means he gets home at 3:00 AM.

David I

David is one of our newest members of the team. He has been leasing for 4 years now, and has really made a name for himself. Dealerships love working with David because of his amazing attention to detail. Everything is always done correctly from the start, from making sure the customer picks the correct car for them with all the options they want, to giving the best prices on all makes & models to delivering it on time, every time! He is extremely passionate about cars, and takes the extra step to make sure clients are in love with the car they choose.

Felix V

Felix is a recent graduate with a degree in finance. He started with M&N nearly a year go and he was hooked ever since. Nowadays, Felix uses his love of cars to help others feel the excitement of buying a new vehicle! He believes the experience is to be cherished, and most importantly, done as smoothly as possible. When he’s not helping someone find their dream car, he could be found just enjoying life with his close friends and family.

Alex K

Alex has been with M&N for nearly 10 years! He has learned everything about the auto industry from the ground up. From working in the repair shop and learning every inch of each car to being one of our top salesman, Alex has come a long way. When he commits there is nothing that can stop him. His honesty and love for the business has made him one of the most highly reviewed brokers in the business. Most of Alex's clientele are referrals, which means every one of his clients has referred a friend or family to Alex for a new auto lease. He is passionate and one of the hardest working people around.

Artur L

Arthur is the head Lease Return department of M&N. He has been with M&N for 5 years now, and has become an expert on the entire auto leasing industry. Leasing companies from around NY bring leased directly to M&N to return simply because they know Arthur will handle it. He is one of the most trusted and intelligent associates in our office. He takes pride in making sure that every lease return is handled with VIP service. He explains every detail of the return process, updates the customers after he schedules the pre inspection for their old car, then again when it is inspected, followed by an update when the car is returned on time, every time!

Paul F

With over 10 years of experience under his belt, Paul is one of the top brokers in the industry. From local deals delivered to the customer's driveway to deliveries as far as California, Paul gets the job done in record time. He is best known for successfully running our lease return department for over 6 years and is well known by all the dealerships as a very sharp and well organized partner. Speaks English & Russian fluently. Brooklyn native. Expert in the auto industry and stays up to date with all the latest auto news and trends.